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Campers Coffee Website

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Jonathan, a Veteran of the Army and a coffee enthusiast, initiated campers coffee to support his non-profit business, City Campers. City Campers embodies the collective lifelong desire of a group of individuals to serve others providing direct care to the homeless.

Initially hosted on another platform, Jonathan was dissatisfied with both the design and platform. I facilitated a migration to Shopify and executed a complete redesign of his website. I handled the design and custom development for this online store. Jonathan and his team utilize the website for payroll management. I have implemented a sign-in system for his employees.

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Doubletake Website

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Doubletake revolves around two women who harbored a shared vision of the ideal racquet bag. They envisioned a bag with precisely positioned pockets accessible through a wide zipper to eliminate the common "big black hole" problem. The goal was to create a sport bag that seamlessly combines optimal functionality with a contemporary, sleek design aesthetic. My involvement in this project included custom theme development and design for the store.

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Mott Website

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Established in 2019, M.O.T embarked on a mission to provide fashionable, functional, and affordable choices for the modern woman. The brand creatively utilizes colors and vibrancy to design versatile yet timeless products, seamlessly merging style, comfort, and functionality to embody what M.O.T defines as 'African Minimalist Fashion.' My involvement in this project included design work and custom theme development.

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Lamazi Fabrics

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A family business led by the husband and wife team, James and Liana, is driven by their passion for discovering the most exquisite and sustainably manufactured sewing supplies. Their goal is to inspire and share the joy of sewing within the community. I handled the web design and custom theme development.

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Chama Valley Meat Website

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Chama Valley Meat Company, a small, family-run business committed to community well-being, takes pride in its role as a local cornerstone. In collaboration with another developer, I had the opportunity to contribute to an exciting project that not only aligns with the company's values but also enhances its online presence. My responsibilities extended to not just web design and custom theme development, but also encompassed crafting a user-friendly interface that reflects the company's commitment to quality and community engagement. This collaborative effort aimed not only to elevate the company's digital footprint but also to strengthen its connection with customers and the community at large.

Coffee Shopify App

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Click here to check out the app review from my client, Nick.

2xespresso is a coffee brand based in Australia. Nick Poole, the founder, approached me with a vision for a private shopfiy coffee app tailored to his business. This app generates bundles/subscriptions for his clients with an immediate checkout at the end. This app boasts numerous amazing features, and a notable aspect is the dynamic sections of the user interface that do not require a page refresh, thereby boosting performance. I developed a customized matching algorithm that organizes,sorts and selects coffees for presentation on the UI.

I wrote the frontend in Redux for better scalability and modularity of state. For the backend, I utilized Node.js, leveraged a Cassandra NoSQL cluster, and optimized read speed with sharding and denormalization strategies."

Rivet Coffee Website

For this client, my site design highlighted the product, customer service, and the company's mission. I conducted theme customization, designed the logo, created a blog, developed collection sections to showcase items, set up the general store, and programmatically added new features to the live customizer, enabling the client to make seamless changes. Additionally, I created a global section/testimonial slider using the libraries jQuery and Slick to save time on prototyping. I utilized metafields to enhance the product display with additional features and employed them as a dynamic data source.

Galaxy Box Website

I conducted theme customization for this single-product store, programmatically creating the 'About Us,' 'Contact,' and 'FAQ' sections from scratch using Liquid code, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also established new schema settings in the Liquid documents to transform them into dynamic data sources, allowing the client to make seamless changes through the live customizer. Additionally, I handled logo design and implemented a customer review system.

On the homepage, I introduced a social media section, enabling customers to showcase the product in use. Furthermore, I developed an affiliate link/affiliate product page as per the client's request. Finally, I designed a wholesale 'business to business' page where other companies can apply for the wholesale program. The structured form streamlines the process for entering contact details, making requests easier to process. Automating processes like these reduces friction and increases the likelihood of other companies reaching out.

Challenge Fashion Website

As a fashion brand with a cause, the site design needed to effectively showcase the products along with providing excellent customer service and conveying the company's vibe. I designed the logo, implemented a mega menu for products and navigation, programmatically added new features to the live customizer using Liquid code, enabling the client to make seamless changes. Additionally, I conducted theme customization with for a premium theme, created collection sections, designed a blog, introduced a dynamic image selector for practicality in the design, and developed a customized filtering system to offer more granular control for users when searching for items.

Twitter Clone Web App

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This is a personal project I developed-a dynamic Twitter clone that populates the page with information from an object, utilizing query parameters to achieve this functionality. By appending '?user=user1' to the end of the URL or clicking the 'Elon' button, the page loads with Elon Musk's data. Similarly, appending '?user=user2' or clicking the 'Bill' button loads the page with Bill Gates' data. This design allows for seamless switching between the two accounts with a simple button click.