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Shopify Metafields Project

See code here:

For this project, It was requested of me that I write a custom onVariantSelect change method as the store's codebase lacked such a method. I created this custom method for a another developer. To solve this problem, I looped through the product variants and rendered them to json. Then I parsed the innerhtml of the json elements and manipulated the json from the global theme.js main object by creating the custom onVariantSelectChange method to dynamically update the values.

Campers Coffee


Johnathan is a Veteran of the Army and has always had a love for great coffee. He started to promote his non-profit business city campers.City Campers is a culmination of a group of people’s lifelong desire to serve others. Being a small nonprofit, they continue to meet the needs of individuals on a one on one basis and give direct care to the people they meet. I currently maintain this website. Johnathan had his website hosted on another platform and was very unhappy with the design and platform. I performed a migration to shopify and did a complete re-write of his website design. I did the design and custom development for this store. Jonathan and his team use this website to conduct payroll and also has a sign in system for his employees. Here is what Johnathan had to say: “ Ryan was amazing to work with he had great communication responded in a timely manner and the website he created for me had everything I wanted, needed and more and he continues to be an amazing asset to my business.“

Quiz App

Link to app:

I created this app for my client to increase his conversion rates by assessing his customer's coffee preferences via an app that is completely customizable for him. The techologies leveraged include: HTML, CSS , Vanilla javascript, php, and mySQL primarily. I connected the app to his store via the shopify CLI. I also created an alogrithm on the front end that eliminates duplicates, sorts the answers and works seamlessly with the design of the app.

Rivet Coffee

For this client, my site design showcased the product customer service and the company's mission. I did theme customization, logo design, designed a blog, created collection sections to showcase items, general store setup, programatically added new features to the live customizer such that the client can make seamless changes, created a global section/testimonial silder using the libraries Jquery and Slick to save time on prototyping. I used metafeilds to add more features to the product display and also used them as a dynamic data source.

Galaxy Box

I did theme customization for this single-product store, programatically created the about us section, contact section, and the FAQ section from scratch using liquid code, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and created new schema settings in the liquid documents to make them a dynamic data source so the client can make changes seamlessly from the live customizer. Moreover, I did the logo design and created a review system for the customers. On the home page, I created a social media section wherein customers can show the product being used. Moreover, I created an affiliate link/affiliate product page per the client's request. Finally, I created a wholesale business to business page form where other companies can apply for the wholesale program, then enter their contact details in a structured way such that requests become easier to process. Having processes like these automated reduces friction and makes it more likely that other companies will get in touch.

Challenge Fashion

As a fashion brand with a cause, the site design needed to showcase the products with excellent customer service and the company's vibe. I designed the logo, created a mega menu for the products and navigation, programatically created new features for the live customizer using some liquid code so the client can make seamless changes. I also did theme customization with a premimum theme, created collection sections, designed a blog, imported products using a csv to save time, created a dynamic image selector to insert some practicality into the design, and created a customized filtering system to add more granular control for the user when searching for items.